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As a human being I feel compelled to do something to protect every kind of animal species. I am fully and totally aware that it is absolutely and utterly necessary to fight any form of abuse against our animal friends because they, unlike us, are pure. They give love for love’s sake without any preconditions and never asking anything in return. A better world is achievable but it is down to us. I have become a vegetarian, I assert this with great fervour and I invite others to do the same.

For so many, the most common response is: ‘’so, what can I do about it, anyway?’ There’s so much that can be done, truly.  For example, by not buying fur coats or animal by products; by not going to see ridiculous circuses where some poor animals are tortured and ill-treated; by stopping to help an injured animal in the street; by immediately reporting anyone who mistreats a poor innocent creature and demanding a firm and exemplary punishment for those who are found guilty, etc. etc.

I want to change this world but now is the moment for you to do something as well.

The time has come to shoulder our responsibilities, so LET’S GET MOVING!